Saint Pierre & Miquelon Postal Codes

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The Saint Pierre & Miquelon is a country primarily located in North & Central America, The capital is Saint-Pierre. The numeric is 666 and dial code is +508. The postal system name in the country is Code postal, You can find out the postal code of each region from our website. We provide postal codes for 3 regions in the Saint Pierre & Miquelon. We also provide a corresponding map on which you can view information about the area.

National Flag

The country abbreviation for Saint Pierre & Miquelon is PM(two-letter), the three-letter code is SPM.

Dialing Code+508
Dialing Code

The current officially assigned ISO 3166-1 numeric code is 666, the dialing code is +508.

  1. Time zone
  2. America/Miquelon
  1. UTC/GMT
  2. UTC-3